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Why was I charged a fee?

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You can see a high-level view of pricing below, and learn more on the pricing page of our website,


Acorns Lite - $1/month

Get your personal investment account, built by experts, to invest spare change automatically, invest more every day, earn bonus investments, and grow your knowledge.


Acorns Personal - $3/month

Our most popular tier, Acorns Personal unlocks our financial wellness system. Get everything that comes with Lite, plus Acorns Later, our retirement account, and Acorns Spend, the only checking account that helps you save and invest every day.

Acorns Family - $5/month

Though children can’t invest on their own, Acorns Early lets you invest in the future of children you care about. Because it is a custodial account, children will not be able to access the funds you invest in their future until they reach adulthood.


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