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Can I Make Spend My Primary Checking Account?

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Hoang P.
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Yes, you can make Acorns Spend your primary checking account for Acorns! To link Spend as your primary checking account, please take the steps below:


1. Navigate to your Linked Accounts settings

Top Left Menu Icon > Settings > Linked Accounts

2. Tap on the Acorns icon

3. Select "Make primary"

4. Tap on "I'm sure"


1. Navigate to your Linked Account settings

Top Right Avatar > Profile & Settings > Linked Accounts

2. Click on "Change primary"

3. Click on "Acorns Spend" and then click "Next"

Once Spend is connected as your primary checking account, all transactions going to and from your Invest, Later, or Early accounts will be made through your Spend account, including your monthly subscription.


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