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Last Friday, we sent you an email stating that your Acorns account was locked. This email was sent in error, and we know it caused confusion and concern. We’re so sorry, and we want to let you know what happened. 


First, your Acorns account and any personal information associated with your account were never at risk, and we will continue to protect them against fraud attempts. If you experienced issues logging in, this was a technical issue, and was not due to account security. 


What happened?

When we identify suspicious activity, such as a fraud attempt, we lock access to that account for security, and ask those customers to contact us directly to resolve the issue. On Friday, we made a mistake in that process. Instead of alerting select customers about suspicious activity, we mistakenly emailed everyone. 


Why was I unable to log in?

The high volume of login attempts in such a short time caused login delays, and some people were not able to log in. We’re sorry for any inconvenience or added concern that may have caused. While we restored access within the hour, it was a valuable lesson. We are ensuring that our platform can handle such rapid volumes in the future. 


Why was I unable to contact support?

We received higher volume than normal in a short period, and the support phone number in your email was not working correctly. We know waiting for answers caused more alarm, and we are sorry. We will learn from this, and keep growing, so you can always reach us when you need to.


Rest assured, our mistakes related to this incident have been addressed, and we are growing to be better for you. We are sorry this happened, and more committed than ever to helping you grow your oak.


The Acorns Support Team

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